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About Me

Hi! This is Heyi [huh;ee]. I was first exposed to the value of design watching my father, a patent lawyer, work as I grew up in Beijing, China. During my Industrial Design studies at college, I realized that I had a knack for designing not only products but also spaces. So I moved to the U.S. to enroll in the Masters of Design in Interior Architecture program at RISD.


As a user-oriented interior designer, I specialized in interactive and immersive space design. While I was working in San Francisco as one of the interior designers for the Airbnb Headquarters, I was inspired and realized how user experience could benefit people and their everyday existences. I began to realize that being a UX designer is my dream, with applications ranging from virtual reality to O2O industry.


User experience design will offer me an excellent opportunity to apply my empathy in a practical, concrete and creative manner. I love observing and studying people. While waiting at the airport, I always look around and try to analyze people’s behaviors and emotions. I also enjoy helping and serving those around me as a good listener and a problem solver.


When I am not working, you might see me making DIY cement products, making miniature dollhouses, or playing video games.


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